The faculty members are well qualified, dedicated, competent and inspiring. They aim at an all round development of the students and give them ample opportunities to bring out the best of their talents and a space to explore their abilities to make them competent to achieve their goals.

Dr. Praneetha B. S. LL.M.,Ph.D.
Dr. Gayathri Bai. S. B.A.L., LL.M., M.Phil., Ph.D. View Profile
Prof. Roopa R. B.A.L., LL.M., M.Phil View Profile
Prof. Swamy T. R. M.A., M.Phil, LL.M. View Profile
Prof. Roopa S. B.A.L., LL.M. View Profile
Dr. Sandeep C. B.A., M.A., Ph.D View Profile
Prof. Jayasheela Gubbi Shivarathri B.A.L., LL.M. View Profile
Dr. Rashmi B. B.A.L., LL.M., M.B.A., M.S., Ph.D. View Profile
Prof. Shoba. R B.Sc, LL.M., M.A (Eng)
Prof. Sujatha S. Angadi B.A.L., LL.M. View Profile
Prof. Geetha A. S. M.A. (Eng) B.Ed. View Profile
Prof. Patil Vijayakumar Adagouda B.A.L., LL.M.
Prof. Santosh. S. Nagarale B.Sc., LL.M. View Profile
Prof. G A Uma Devi. M.A, M.Phil.
Mr. Santhosh. G B.Com, M.Ped View Profile
Mrs. Meera. B. J. M.L&I.Sc, M.Phil.
Administrative Staff
Smt.Veena C., B.Com Superintendent
Smt. Jayanthi. K. R., B.Com Accountant
Ms. Arpitha.E., B.C.A Computer Programmer
Smt. Geetha. R., B.Sc. Office Assistant/Typist
Ms. Sowmya S., M.A. Office Assistant
Sri Ravikumar B. K. Attender
Smt. Geetha. N. Attender
Sri. Rajesh. S. T. Attender
Smt.Narasamma.B.T. Attender
Smt. Sujatha Helper

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