Dress Code


On Monday students shall be in Khadi Uniform, men students shall wear sky-blue kurta with off-white pyjama, women students shall wear sky-blue kurta with off-white pyjama with off-white duppatta. Decency and the Spirit of Nationalism is encouraged.


Wearing Blazers/Coat with black and white uniform along with the college logo is compulsory on Thursdays for all the students.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday:

Women students shall wear white kurta and black/white pyjama with black/white duppatta. Kurta shall be long, below the knee with collared neck and 3/4th sleeve. Complete white salwar kameez/ white saree/formal black pant and white full arm shirt is permitted.

Men students shall wear formal black pants and white full arm shirts.

Students are required to be in white and black uniform along with the Blazers/Coat while attending seminar or any other function in the College premises.

The college is making sincere endeavours to inculcate discipline and upholding Indian Tradition/Heritage, by singing the National Anthem and wearing Khadi attire. It is believed that singing of National Anthem instills a sense of "Patriotism" and Khadi attire evokes a feeling of "Nationalism" among the students and teachers.

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