Seshadripuram Law College Seshadripuram, Bengaluru-560020 ( Affiliated to Karnataka State Law University, Hubballi
& Recognised by Government of Karnataka and Approved by Bar Council of India, New Delhi)



Studying in this college is a very valuable and a memorable experience like any other student, I too had many apprehensions regarding the faculty, facilities, environment, etc. But all these fines vanished with a few days of kick-starting this journey. The friendly and approachable lecturers, well-equipped library and an organized administration made the learning process exiting, convenient & wholesome. The college also encourages students to participate in various activities such as Moot Court Competitions, Essay, Quiz competitions, Sports etc. has provided us with all the conveniences required for the same. Further practicing advocates who are guest faculty have always supported and helped us with various aspects of law curricular and keep updating the students the various facts of Law.

Deepa M.
2005-2010 Batch


5years of my journey in this institution has been a great experience. Along with encouragement for academic studies the institution has given numerous opportunities by encouraging me in participating at Moot Court Competitions, Mock Parliament and even in Cultural and sports activities. The credit for my successful and fruitful journey in this course mainly goes to the teachers who have been excellent and to our Principal who is the pillar of this Institution. The guidance by our Librarian and the books available have been useful and informative and last but not the least the assistance of the Office staff is extremely appreciable. Now I am out of this Institution with full confidence to do justice to my profession.

Roopashree R. A.
2007-2013 Batch


The days spent during my LLB studies at Seshadripuram Law College is one of the best that I could remember as my class consisted of students from various streams took admissions to the Law.

It was the experience of the lecturers that made the studies more interesting not only on the subject but also on understanding how to behave as a service professional while we graduate out as lawyers.

College had one of the best library I had seen with a vast collection of books on law. The library with such a huge collection was indeed taken care by a very soft and cooperative librarian.

The debates conducted were of high quality, each students coming out with their views and thoughts with an excellent clarity on the topics that they had selected. The experience of attending/hearing or participating in debate or seminars was itself a great learning of subjects in short time.

The moot court competitions were made to be a reality by demonstrating disciplined court atmosphere and the professionalism through participants and moot court judges. The moot court sessions were nothing less than a day in a real court hearing that I had visited Overall today I believe this college has given me a great knowledge, confidence and an ability to survive as professional with the learning that I had during my studies here.

Shoba R.
2007-2010 Batch


I wish to convey my complete happiness and satisfaction studying in Seshadripuram Law college. I was looking for a college that promotes good learning, where it will be cool to be successful, where the stated rules would be taught and reinforced and since we have chosen law course some pre practical training and I certainly found all of it. I was very impressed the way our professors taught us, they spend lot of time on reading books, planning what to be taught and precisely they teach us which helped me in my success. I felt very comfortable here. I would like to acknowledge my sincere appreciation to my Principal, professors and staff and all that Seshadripuram Law College offered me. The end results speak for themselves. I can only sum it up in one word - 'FANTASTIC'.

T. R. Rajesh
2007-10 Batch


Seshadripuram Law College serves the Community. It is an excellent college. All my professors were exceptional and amazing. At SLC, the professors gave us challenging problems to help us understand difficult concepts, so I was able to comprehend new concepts easier than other people. Professors are always willing to help and have an abundance of information to share. SLC has extremely committed faculty and the classes are rigorous.

SLC made a big impression on my life. Even now, when I am reading articles about the latest advances in law, I find that the new concepts are not that difficult to understand because of the solid base I have acquired at SLC. Talks with my professors motivated me to pursue my dream. It made me realize that everything is connected. My time at SLC was tremendous. I developed a great work ethic and passion for education. My passion to see the world was fostered at SLC.

With the infrastructure and the resources the college provided, I was empowered to grow into a scholar, leader and serve the community and nation. I hope that, I am helping to plant seeds that will translate into a more peaceful environment.

Without education, there is no independence because you have cornered yourself into a hole, and you will never be able to do what you want to do. If you do not get an education, all doors close. To attend SLC is an honor. Everyone exceeds expectations and is always willing to give selflessly in what they are doing. That is what makes SLC stand above everyone else."

Makam Vishwanath
2006-2011 Batch

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