Seshadripuram Law College Seshadripuram, Bengaluru-560020 ( Affiliated to Karnataka State Law University, Hubballi
& Recognised by Government of Karnataka and Approved by Bar Council of India, New Delhi)


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Instructions & Training

  • Instruction and training for the course shall be not less than 30 class-hours per week including tutorials, moot court exercise and seminars provided there shall be at least 24 lecture hours per week.
  • For each paper there shall be six class hours of one hour duration each and one hour of tutorial/moot court/project work per week.
  • Each registered student shall have completed minimum of 20 weeks of internship during the entire period of legal studies under NGO, Trial/Appellate Advocates, Judiciary, Legal Regulatory authorities, Legislatures/Parliament, other Legal Functionaries, Market Institutions, Law Firms, Companies and Local Self Government.
  • The Students are required to do 4 weeks of Internship in an Academic Year with Trial or Appellate Advocates.
  • The internship in any year cannot be for a continuous period of more than Four Weeks and all students shall at least go through once in the entire academic period with Trial and Appellate Advocates.
  • Each student shall keep internship diary in the form stipulated by the University and the same shall be evaluated by the Guide in Internship and also a Core Faculty member in charge of the same. The total marks shall be assessed in the Final Semester of the course in Clinical Course- IV as stipulated under the Schedule appended to these Regulations.


  • Each semester shall be taken as a unit for the purpose of calculating attendance.
  • Students shall attend lecture classes as well as seminars, Moot Courts etc., during each semester as the college may prescribe and not absent themselves from work without adequate reasons.
  • Attendance is taken in the class at the commencement of every period through IPOMO software and the message is generated and sent to the parents every day on student's absence in every period. It is reviewed monthly. Monthly status of attendance for previous month is announced on 10th of every month. Parents/guardians of the students shall watch for the status of their wards' attendance and in case of shortage, they shall necessarily meet the class teacher/mentor.
  • Permission to appear for the University Examinations of First, Second & Third years of the undergraduate degree programs is given only to those students who register an attendance of not less than 75% of the classes held in each subject each year as per the University regulations. It will also be considered on the basis of the performance in the tests, class examinations, attendance and behaviour of the students. Students who record 100% attendance for the classes, seminars, Tests and Preparatory Examination will be suitably rewarded, including a cash award of Rs. 2000/-.
  • A student shall be considered to have completed the semester if he/she has attend not less than 75% of the number of working periods comprising the course during the said semester and the contact programme classes, tutorials and Practical training classes as may be prescribed for each subject for each Semester throughout the Course and if his or her conduct or progress have been satisfactory.
  • Attendance at all Tests, Class examinations, Practical examinations and Moot courts is compulsory. In case of absence from the tests and examinations leave must be obtained in advance from the Principal. Such leave will be granted only under extra-ordinary circumstances and for satisfactory reasons. In case any student is absent for moot court or for practical examination, no moot court or practical examination will be repeated or conducted for such students.
  • There will be continuous and comprehensive evaluation of student's over all performance. Total performance of the student throughout the academic year will be assessed and marks will be awarded in internals. No candidate shall be eligible to move to the next higher class unless he has passed the Semester examination of lower class as prescribed by Regulations.

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